Canon i550 ink cartridge replacement for your Canon i550 printer, reliable, easy to use high quality photo printing

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Canon i550 ink cartridge replacement for your Canon i550 printer

June 12, 2006

Canon i550 ink cartridge replacement for your Canon i550 printer

By: Monica Foth

For your Canon i550 printer you may want to only use the Canon i550 ink cartridge replacement and not an imitation or compatible cartridge. It has been reported that some ink cartridges other than Canon, for this particular printer, may cause damage to the printer heads.

Of course, the choice is always yours and Canon i550 ink cartridges that are compatible are ISO certified and 100% guaranteed. Like anything, itís the chance you take and if it saves you money, which is does, you may be better off with compatible replacements in the long run especially is you are doing a lot of printing and needing the replace your cartridge frequently provided nothing gets damaged. Printers are cheap to buy anyway so if you get a year or two out of one, you still may be further ahead.

As for the performance of the i550 printer, the quality of the printing has been reported as flawless. And the overall cost for the ink seems to be lower than most printers. However, the only drawback to owning this printer is that it is a bit noisy and goes through quite a little routine before it actually prints off its first page. It is reliable, easy to use with high quality photo printing and text. Overall a great machine for anybody doing basic printing and limited digital photography. The i550 has four ink cartridges, three are color (cyan, magenta, and yellow) and the other one is black. With this system, you only need to replace the color cartridge that has run out.

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