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Save on Epson C82 ink cartridges for your Epson Stylus C82 inkjet printer

June 5, 2006

Save on Epson C82 ink cartridges for your Epson Stylus C82 inkjet printer

By: Monica Foth

Epson makes some pretty nice affordable printers with high-performance quality and coupled with the Epson c82 ink cartridges, you’re in business. Good quality printing at a reasonable price for ink cartridges is what you want.

Whenever you purchase an Epson c82 ink cartridge you are paying top dollar unless, of course you make your ink purchase online. With the right paper for the job and Epson inks that are resistant to water and fading, users get long-lasting smudge proof photos. A few years ago, Epson demonstrated itself as the leader in the print industry by introducing the world’s first edge-to-edge 4”x6” snapshot print on a standard inkjet printer. Nowadays, both amateur and professionals have the means to create high quality prints. That is, of course, everything is in fine working order and the inks are sufficient.

When your ink cartridge is running low you might want to try purchasing compatible printer cartridges that have been manufactured by a third party. These cartridges are every bit as good as the brand name cartridges except that you save anywhere from 50% to 80%! If you do a lot of printing you will definitely notice a huge saving here.

Imagine being able to quickly process photos from you recent vacation – now how great is that!

Cartridge models for this printer model are:

  • T042420 –Yellow
  • T042220 – Cyan
  • T042320 – Magenta
  • T032120 – Black

For more information on Epson C82 ink cartridges and related online vendors, please visit our page on Epson Printer Cartridges.

About The Author:

Monica Foth is a successful author and publisher of, a complete source for Epson C82 ink cartridges and other ink and inkjet cartridge supplies for printers.

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