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Epson ink cartridge refill kits

December 7, 2005

Epson ink cartridge refill kits - cost effective solution

By: Andrew Danneffel

Be it a large print job or a photo from your digital camera, it's never any fun when your Epson ink cartridge runs empty. When this does happen there are several choices available to you. The most economical option is to buy an Epson ink cartridge refill. Epson ink cartridge refill kits can be purchased online and are far more cost effective than buying brand new compatible or OEM cartridges.

An Epson ink cartridge refill kit includes replacement ink in addition to a variety of tools. These tools are used to properly refill and reset your ink cartridge. For example, a syringe is often included to easily inject an empty cartridge with new ink. Some Epson cartridges have a computer chip on them that stores information about the ink level. A chip resetter is required to program the chip back to "full" mode. Often the chip resetter is included with the Epson ink cartridge refill kit. If not, it can be purchased separately. More extensive Epson printer cartridge refill kits might also come with an empty Epson printer cartridge which is actually easier to refill than a used OEM cartridge.

If you are a frequent user of your Epson printer, you might also consider purchasing bulk Epson ink in addition to an Epson ink cartridge refill kit. Through using bulk ink - which can be purchased in 1 liter containers - you can obtain the most cost effective printer solution.

While you will certainly be happy with the cost savings and the fact you're being environmentally responsible, using Epson ink cartridge refill kits can be messy so remember to fill your Epson printer cartridges in a place where possible spills won't be too much of a problem.

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