Cheap Dell printer ink can be obtained through refill kits and remanufactured cartridges

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Cheap Dell printer ink – shop around online and recognize discounts

August 28, 2005

Cheap Dell printer ink – shop around online and recognize discounts

By: Andrew Danneffel

If you are a frequent user of your Dell printer, you are probably very interested in finding cheap Dell printer ink. Unfortunately, cheap Dell printer ink is hard to come by at the local computer supply store. Printer manufacturers sell their printers at cost and attempt to make their money on selling ink cartridges to you at a premium. However, there is a way around this trap – through purchasing your Dell ink cartridges online you will recognize significant discounts!

As a user of a Dell printer you have a few options available when looking for cheap Dell printer ink online. Firstly, you might consider re-manufactured Dell ink cartridges. These are ink cartridges which have been previously used but collected, refilled, and stringently tested. These cartridges are sold frequently by suppliers online at savings and perform at the level of brand new cartridges. You might also consider obtaining a Dell ink refill kit. While somewhat messy, ink refill kits will provide you with the most savings over time, as you can reuse a cartridge again and again.

Unfortunately compatible Dell ink cartridges are not available. This is because the technology Dell has used when making the cartridges is difficult to replicate. In addition, Dell printer cartridges have been protected by patents making it challenging for other suppliers to copy. However, as mentioned earlier, there are still many options available for you when looking for cheap Dell printer ink online.

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