Be environmentally friendly and use refurbished Dell ink cartridges

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Help save the environment and use refurbished Dell ink cartridges

August 28, 2005

Help save the environment and use refurbished Dell ink cartridges

By: Andrew Danneffel

These days there is so much talk about global warming, pollution, and lack of places for landfills. When you purchase refurbished Dell ink cartridges not only will you be environmentally conscious, but you will also enjoy significant cost savings. Refurbished Dell ink cartridges are previously used cartridges which have been collected and cleaned, refilled, and tested.

There are many online stores selling refurbished Dell ink cartridges that strive to provide a quality product. In addition to being tested for printing capability, refurbished Dell printer cartridges are also tested to ensure they have the appropriate internal atmospheric pressure, inspected for possible shell leakage, and tested to ensure the operation of electric circuitry. In the unlikely event youíre not happy with their performance these stores offer excellent return policies.

Many online stores will also purchase used Dell printer cartridges from you such that they can resell them again as refurbished Dell ink cartridges. Usually, there are a minimum number of cartridges they will accept in a shipment. Due to this, keep a stash of empty cartridges on hand and send them off once you have met the minimum requirement. When you are ready to send your empties away, ensure they are properly protected; ink cartridges are easily damaged. Wrapping them carefully in newspaper or bubble-wrap will ensure you can receive the full credit.

If for whatever reason you're not keen on using a refurbished Dell ink cartridge, try refill kits.

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