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Dell 540 ink cartridges - shop online for discounts and get the most from your Dell 540 printer

August 13, 2005

Dell 540 ink cartridges - shop online for discounts and get the most from your Dell 540 printer

By: Jim Bradely

Since the much talked about alliance between Lexmark and Dell was announced in 2002, the companies have introduced more than ten different printer models to the market. The Dell 540 printer is a high quality photo printer and marks one of the most recent Lexmark/Dell product releases. If you are in need of Dell 540 ink cartridges, consider looking online as opposed to the nearest computer supply store. Online sales for ink cartridges have been consistently increasing; youíll be surprised at the discounts you can enjoy on Dell 540 ink cartridges.

The Dell 540 photo printer provides lab quality 4 x 6 prints in less than 60 seconds, saving you the hassle of visiting the photo lab. This printer is portable and stand-alone, which means you can connect your digital camera directly without having to turn on your computer. Keep your Dell 540 ink cartridges full and well maintained to ensure durable, waterproof, and long lasting photos. To avoid frustration, always keep spare Dell 540 printer cartridges handy in case they run out during an important print job.

The Dell 540 photo printer comes with the Dell Ink Management SystemTM, a software tool designed to alert you when the ink levels drop too low. This tool will direct you to the Dell web site and recommends the purchase of replacement Dell 540 ink cartridges there. While you can never go wrong with new Dell 540 printer cartridges, consider looking online prior to making the purchase. Many third party online services sell remanufactured Dell 540 ink cartridges and refill kits. These options will provide you with the means of cutting down on printing costs such that you can get the most from your Dell A540 photo printer.

For more information on Dell 540 ink cartridges and related online vendors, please visit our page on Dell Printer Cartridges.

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