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HP inkjet cartridges - compatible cartridges

February 10, 2005

HP inkjet cartridges - compatible cartridges

By: Monica Foth

When you first purchased your HP printer, you were probably quite amazed at how inexpensive it was. With that in mind, would one not think that the hp inkjet cartridges would be cheap as well? You probably found out quickly enough that hp inkjet cartridges were right up there with all the rest in cost.

There are ways around keeping your hp inkjet cartridges cost down and that is by purchasing either inkjet refill kits or buying compatible inkjet cartridges rather than making your purchase at office supply stores for new printer ink. Savings on remanufactured hp inkjet cartridges can be as high as 70 % so it is well worth it to at least try using these ink cartridges. We all know that printer manufactures count on making their profits not on the printers, but on the cartridges, hence the high price. The next best thing to saving a considerable amount on compatible cartridges is that when you order online, the product is delivered right to your door within a few days.

Hp inkjet cartridges are available for every hp printer out there.

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Monica Foth is a successful author and publisher of, a complete source for HP inkjet cartridges and other ink and inkjet cartridge supplies for printers.

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