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Printer Ink refills are a great way to save money on printing!

April 20, 2003

Printer Ink refills are a great way to save money on printing!

By: Carole Bertrand

A lot of people stay away from printer ink refills because it seems like a messy process. Is it worth it? YES! The first few times can be a little messy but doing it over an old rag will make clean up a snap. Cloth absorbs better than newspaper. Just a tip!

The first few printer ink refills are a little tricky and some ink will get on your hands. Don’t panic! First, wash your hands with soap to remove any excess oils and use a mild bleach and water solution. Then re-wash your hands with soap and water only. Your third time will be a charm…no ink on the hands…promise!

Specific instructions on how to do printer ink refills will be included in the kit. Simply follow the directions carefully. In no time, you will be very proficient at refilling your cartridges and you will be saving money!

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