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Epson inkjet cartridges are easy to buy and replace

November 25, 2002

Epson inkjet cartridges are easy to buy and replace

By: Laurie Simpson

Epson is a company that produces a large selection of printers and they can be found in many homes and offices. They are popular printer and have a history of long lasting quality. Epson inkjet cartridges are a necessary part of the supplies you will need to keep your printer going if you have one of these printers. The Epson inkjet cartridges are usually sold at the same place that you purchase a printer. The cartridges are not interchangeable and there is a different one for each different model Epson produces. As with any printer cartridge, it is important to know your make and model number when you go to buy replacement cartridges. It is not really something to guess at.

It is possible to buy compatible cartridges that are designed to replace the brand name Epson inkjet cartridges. They are usually sold along side of the Epson brand and they are usually considerably cheaper. Some people claim that these cartridges do not print for as long as the brand names before they run out of ink. Some people also say that they clog more easily and do not function as well. Epson will tell you that using their brand is the best way to go. The choice is with each user as to whether they are satisfied with the no name products or not.

You can find a good source for Epson inkjet cartridges if you shop on the Internet. You will be able to order the supplies you need electronically and they will be delivered to your home or office. This makes shopping an easy event.

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