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There is no substitute for HP printer cartridges

November 24, 2002

There is no substitute for HP printer cartridges

By: Laurie Simpson

HP or Hewlett Packard is a company that manufactures a large range of printers for all needs. They have a reputation for their high quality products and their name is very common in the market place. HP printer cartridges are an important part of keeping a printer going after you have bought it. There is a unique feature about these cartridges though. Patents on the designs protect HP printer cartridges. This means that there are no high quality alternate replacement cartridges available. You must buy only Hewlett Packard printer cartridges after you have bought one of their machines. This is not the case in most other printers. You have less expensive options usually than buying the manufacturers brand of cartridge.

You do have a few options when your cartridge runs out and they all involve dealing with the company for replacement. You may simply purchase a new cartridge at a store or order them online. This is the most common option. You may also send in your used cartridges and receive refilled HP printer cartridges that will function like new. The last option you have is to purchase a refill kit. Hewlett Packard sells refill kits for most of their popular printer cartridges. This allows you to refill your ink at home but it still requires the kit and ink supplies by the manufacturer.

It is not difficult to purchase HP printer cartridges so the issue of using only them is not really a big one. The only disadvantage is that you do not have the option to purchase less expensive cartridges as you can with other brands.

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