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Easy procedures with inkjet refills

January 25, 2002

Easy procedures with inkjet refills

By: Kristen McCarthy

You can replenish your printer cartridge with inkjet refills. Refilling, rather than replacing your cartridge, is a cost effective and environmentally sound way to restore empty ink. Inkjet refills are compatible ink kits for your high tech printer.

When possible you should refill your cartridges before they run out. This will stop ink from drying in the print head between refills. Refilling your inkjet cartridges will not result in any tampering with the actual printer, and will not void your warranty. When using inkjet refills be sure to remember to never touch the electronic print head with any abrasive material.

Refilling your ink consists of personally recycling your empty inkjet cartridges so they can be used again. Inkjet refills can replenish your cartridge two times using their tools, high quality ink, patented refill clip, and easy to follow pictured and written instructions. Refilling allows you to save money compared to buying new cartridges and helps the environment at the same time.

If you use a low quality ink in refilling, you may end up with clogged or destroyed print heads on your cartridge. Inkjet refills are of the highest quality ink, formulated and tested under strict laboratory conditions.

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