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Produce professional text with toner cartridges

January 24, 2002

Produce professional text with toner cartridges

By: Kristen McCarthy

The best deals on toner cartridges can be found on the internet. Even if you donít know your part number, you can search online with your printer model number. The internet allows you to compare toner cartridges for the smartest value before you buy.

Toner cartridges require a special printer called a laser printer. This type of printer utilizes a laser beam to produce an image onto a drum, which is then rolled through a reservoir of toner. The toner is transferred to the paper through a combination of heat and pressure. Laser printers make quality text as well as high definition graphics in a range of colours.

Toner cartridges have a specialised ink which differ from regular ink cartridges. Toner consists of a dry, powdery substance that is electrically charged so that it adheres to a drum, plate, or piece of paper. You can replace or refill toner cartridges once they are empty, but typically you can print a thousand pages with the use of a single cartridge.

Toner cartridges are simple to insert, as laser printers are user friendly and the instructions easy to follow. The delicate ink of the toner helps you produce professional text and graphics in minimal time.

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