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Install a new ink jet cartridge

January 22, 2002

Install a new ink jet cartridge

By: Kristen McCarthy

Using the tools on the internet, an ink jet cartridge is simple to find. You can search online for a compatible ink jet cartridge with your part or model number, and compare the best prices.

An ink jet cartridge has the highest quality toner for your printer. The products are 100% guaranteed and factory tested for quality specifications. Each cartridge is physically and chemically tested to ensure compatibility. To keep installation of an ink jet cartridge easy, first remove the yellow plastic tape from the surface, clean the printhead, and avoid taking out the cartridge once installed.

An ink jet cartridge is made especially for the use of ink jet printers. Ink jet makes a type of printer which sprays ink onto a sheet of paper, producing high-quality text and graphics. A typical ink jet printer provides a resolution of 300 dots per inch, and requires a special type of ink cartridge and copier paper.

You can replace the ink for your printer with a metal ink jet cartridge or by replenishing the ink from a refill kit.

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